United Nations Industrial Development Organization

UNIDO´s mission, as described in the Lima Declaration adopted by UNIDO General Conference in 2013, is to promote and accelerate inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) in Member States.

The relevance of ISID as an integrated approach to all three pillars of sustainable development is recognized by the 2030 Agenda. UNIDO’s mandate is fully recognized in SDG-9, which calls to “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”. The relevance of ISID, applies to all SDGs. UNIDO is fully committed to contributing to the achievement of the SDGs, while delivering on its mandate.

Due to the interlinked nature of the SDGs, many of UNIDO’s activities contribute to more than one SDG but particularly in the SDG 9:

Seeks to advance poverty eradication and inclusiveness, build productive capacities in an inclusive manner with all stakeholders involved in industrialization. 

Promotes rapid economic and industrial growth, builds trade capacities in industries, and ensures that countries benefit from international trade and technological progress, through the application of modern industrial policies and in compliance with global standards.

Aims to advance environmentally sustainable growth, builds institutional capacities for greening industries through cleaner production technologies and resource efficiency methodologies, and creates green industries.